About us

Mother Told Me provides individuals and families with a fun enjoyable solution for organizing and managing their daily living essentials & activities while saving them money and time.

There are several functions available on the site and they are both web and mobile ready. These are:

  Coupons   Printables and Online Offers (free for all!)
  Recipes   All Categories of Cuisines to choose from (free for everyone!)
  Journal   Keep track of personal and family messages, notes, and photos
  Honey Do   Calendar to organize events, appointments, and important dates
  Dear Mom   Get wise advice from Moms like you and contribute to the community!
  How To   Tips and tricks for how to do things around the house and add your own!
  Lists   Manage your personal shopping and other lists and make a budget!

Mother Told Me includes an interactive daily and weekly planner of essential requirements; a family oriented journal for those messages and precious memories you choose to share; coupons for savings from the brand products you know and love; recipes for delicious meals for families on a budget; shopping lists you create and manage your spending budget; reminders and advice for funny, creative, and simple ways of doing things.

Living Simple is Coming Back.